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The A Cappella Embassy is built by a cappella fans for a cappella fans.  All of the work performed here is done by volunteers passionate about our craft and excited about the growing community of singers in our region.  Below are the different positions within the Embassy and their job descriptions.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for The A Cappella Embassy, please use the Contact page to get in touch!

CASA Ambassador

The Contemporary A Cappella Society’s Ambassador Program is an initiative designed to keep singers all across the country and world connected.  Currently, CASA has about 50 Ambassadors volunteering in 16 countries around the world including the United States.  Ambassadors are responsible for being involved in their own a cappella communities – gathering information about groups, events, auditions, a cappella friendly venues, singers, technology, opportunities and anything else that touches on a cappella.  Ambassadors also keep abreast of a cappella happenings globally, and share that information with their respective communities while encouraging them to become members of CASA, to sing in Contemporary A Cappella League groups, to attend CASA festivals, and to support the vocal arts.

The Ambassador position is appointed by CASA.  More information can be found on CASA’s Ambassador Program page.  Currently, we are in need of Maryland and Virginia Ambassadors.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact the Director of the Ambassador Program, TeKay at

Embassy Diplomats

Embassy Diplomats are positions appointed by CASA Ambassadors.  Diplomats work closely with their Ambassadors to assist in their responsibilities of gathering information about groups and events, new opportunities and venues available, and staying connected to the ever growing number of groups in the area.  Depending on the size of the region, there can be any number of Diplomats.  Generally, there are three main focus areas.

  • High School Diplomat – This Diplomat takes on the challenge of working with the next generation of a cappella singers.  Thereis an ever growing interest at the high school level to begin participating in the contemporary a cappella scene.  The High School diplomat will work with choral directors and students to help educate about contemporary a cappella and instill an excitement and passion for singing at a young age.  Featured CASA Programs for high school singers includes Tunes for Teens and Harmony In The Halls.  Annual competitions include the ICHSAs.
  • College Diplomat – This Diplomat enters the exciting world of college a cappella and works with students and alumni to push the boundaries and explore the possibilities of collegiate a cappella.  As well as being a very rewarding and exciting position, this can also be one of the most involved positions in Embassy because of the sheer number of groups in each region, the number of regular events, as well as the turn-over rate for contacts in each group.  Featured CASA Programs related to college singers include The CASAcademy, and many exciting Volunteer opportunities at CASA Events.  Annual competitions include ICCAs
  • Post-Collegiate Diplomat – The Post-Collegiate Diplomat works with recent graduates and not-so-recent graduates in the ever expanding population of casual, semi-professional and professional a cappella groups.  This Diplomat helps groups by promoting events and auditions, as well as scoping out new a cappella friendly venues around the area.  Featured CASA Programs for Post-Collegiate singers includes The Contemporary A Cappella League.

Campus Liaisons

The Campus Liaison is a supportive role for each College Diplomat.  These Liaisons, whether students or passionate alumni, are dedicated to the a cappella scene on their local campuses.  They interact closely with the groups on their campus and report back to the College Diplomat in their region.  Campus Liaisons are important because of how quickly the college scene changes.  New groups are forming every year.  New members join every semester.  It is important for the Embassy to stay current in the college scene in order to retain close connections.

Bloggers, Vloggers, And Joggers

The A Cappella Embassy is very connected with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  This website is used to host news articles and blog entries all things relating to a cappella in this region.  We are looking for exciting new perspectives on the a cappella scene, reviews of albums and shows, and editorials about new a cappella thoughts, theories, and technologies.  We want to produce blogs, videos, photos, and sound bites.

Also, something new that was bestowed upon The A Cappella Embassy from our affiliates in Germany – the Vocal Jog.  Our friend,  Florian Städtler from The Vocal Blog, set up a new event at the London A Cappella Festival in 2012 called the Vocal Jog.  We were tasked by Florian with bringing the Vocal Jog back to the states.  So, for festivals coming up (especially VoCALnation which will be held in Washington, DC this year), we will be looking to break the record for Vocal Joggers!

For more information about any of these positions, or to inquire about the application process, please use the Contact form.  Thanks for your support, and keep the music alive!


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