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The Richmond Rhythm competitors display their school pride.

Dispatches from the Commonwealth: Richmond Rocks!

It has been a busy few months here in Richmond. Before I got here, I wasn’t really sure what kind of a cappella community I’d find — because let’s be honest, this city doesn’t exactly leap to mind when listing a cappella hotbeds in the US. But based on what I’ve seen so far, that […]

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VoCALnation 2012 Pickups

DC Represent!

VoCALnation 2013 – legitimately the hottest a cappella festival of the year! –  has come and gone.  Hundreds of a cappella singers and fans engaged in enlightening classes and conversations, enjoyed thrilling acabombs, a showcase of CAL groups, and a professional concert, and reveled in the shared love for music.  My family and friends that amassed in Philadelphia have since […]

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The AcaEmbassy sets up shop in Richmond, VA this summer!

Introducing your Virginia Ambassador: Michael Marcus

My vision for the A Cappella Embassy originally spawned from my desire to reach out to more singers and a cappella groups.  My hope was to create a functional network of teams in the region that would work closely with each other to help build this already amazing community in to something bigger.  After meeting Mike […]

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A Stronger Family of Singers

I couldn’t even begin to describe to you the incredible things I’ve seen in the past few months.  From Los Angeles to DC to the streets of Boston – high schools, colleges, professionals, amateurs.  It doesn’t matter where or even who, but the clear commonality is music. In Los Angeles, it was my pleasure to […]

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Andrew Signing Off…

For those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Andrew or working with him while he was with The A Cappella Embassy, I can say from experience that you missed out!  Andrew has an infectious love for all things a cappella and a passion for the people he serves.  We at The A […]

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Mo5aic Up Close

The Transcripts – February 5, 2013

Hey a cappella fans!  This is Jeeves, serving up some fresh a cappella news for you!  With all the craziness of LAAF and other cool stuff going on, I wasn’t able to get a video out for today, but I still wanted to get some information out there for the masses.  So here we go! […]

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Socks The Cat

The Transcripts – January 29, 2013

Yes… that is a picture of Socks the Cat.  Wanna make something of it? Hey there, Embassy Fans!  This is Jeeves in Washington, DC.  This week, I had the distinct pleasure of heading up to my alma mater, UMBC, to hang out with the Cleftomaniacs as they prepare for the ICCA Quarterfinals at Johns Hopkins […]

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The Transcripts – January 22, 2013

Hey there, Embassy Fans!  This is Jeeves in Washington, DC.  I’m trying out a new type of Embassy Briefing and I hope you guys will enjoy it!  Our own, Brian Brandler, took our original Embassy Briefing and ran with it – posting once or twice a week on our Facebook page and Twitter (which you […]

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Welcome Andrew, DC Collegiate Diplomat

I don’t remember exactly when I first met Andrew.  That’s probably for two reasons – 1) my memory is terrible, and 2) I’ve seen him at too many events to really pinpoint which one I saw him at first!  I go to a lot of a cappella events – festivals, shows, competitions, etc.  When I kept […]

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State Of The Embassy #1: The First Month

As I pull away from Union Station in DC on my way to Boston for the brand new a cappella festival, Boston Sings (BOSS), my mind peruses the catalog of events from the past month or so that have brought The A Cappella Embassy to where it is now.  It’s been an interesting ride getting […]

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