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April  2018
  • VoicePlay @ the Hamilton [DC]
    Starts: 8:00 pm
    Ends: April 20, 2018 - 10:00 pm
    Location: The Hamilton, 600 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005, USA

    As Seen on Season 4 of NBC’s “The Sing-Off”.

    Original. Imaginative. Ridiculous. Origimagidiculous.
    Based in Orlando, FL, VoicePlay performs their own incredible brand of entertainment
    across the country and around the world. What began quite literally as a street corner
    barbershop act has now evolved into an internationally acclaimed touring sensation and video entertainment brand.

    VoicePlay is unlike any theatrical experience available today, recreating the
    orchestrated sound of an entire musical production with nothing but the the human

    The cast of VoicePlay has taken the timeless sound of vocal music and turned it
    completely on it’s head. Re-imagined as a full stage show, amazing, humorous, and
    vertigo-inducing harmonies pepper VoicePlay’s music-without-music sound as it
    ping-pongs between eras and styles, channeling the breadth of the musical landscape
    and lacing it with inventive and often hilarious on-stage theatrics.
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