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At Boston University ('08), Brian was a member and Music Director of the award-winning Jewish a cappella group, Kol Echad. After graduation, he helped found and direct Common Sound, a co-ed group in Boston. Since relocating to DC, Brian has been aca-networking, aca-arranging, and aca-everything-else-he-can-possibly-do! Brian currently sings with Vox Pop in DC.
Brian Brandler

Recent blog posts written by Brian Brandler

Singing for $2,000? Now THAT’s Entertainment!

Right in the thick of a cappella competition season comes a brand-new competition that will award the winning group a cash prize of $2,000! Hosted by The Alexandria Harmonizers, DC’s premier show choir, the Now That’s Entertainment! a cappella competition will be held on Saturday, April 20th at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC.   The 5 groups […]

I Wish I Could Go Back To College…

Well, it finally happened: I embraced my inner aca-nerd and attended an aca-fest.  And, as expected, it was quite BOSS! (No apologies). On April 13th, I made my a cappella homecoming and attended the first annual Boston Sings festival, or BOSS for short.  I could go on and on about everything I saw and learned. […]

Alternate Take: Mics For All?

Deke Sharon is, for all intents and purposes, the “father” of contemporary a cappella. When he gives the a cappella community advice, we listen.  For obvious reasons, it’s hard to argue with the guy… However, I simply do not agree with the message in one of his recent blogs.  Sharon, inspired by some collegiate groups’ […]

Group Spotlight: Introducing… Word of Mouth!

For the very first edition of our new Group Spotlight feature, we’ve chosen a bunch of fun-loving, DC newcomers… 10 singers are called to the stage.  You can feel their excitement as the crowd’s applause subsides.  After months of planning meetings, auditions, and rehearsals, it all comes down to this.  Someone plays the pitch and […]

SONOS To Perform in DC Nov 15th

Fresh off of their run on NBC’s The Sing-Off, the superstar quintet SONOS is headed to the DC-area for a special performance on November 15th! Announced via their Facebook page this past weekend, SONOS with the help of members of our own DC a cappella community, has put together a show that will be held at theArlington Temple, a United […]