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I couldn’t even begin to describe to you the incredible things I’ve seen in the past few months.  From Los Angeles to DC to the streets of Boston – high schools, colleges, professionals, amateurs.  It doesn’t matter where or even who, but the clear commonality is music.

In Los Angeles, it was my pleasure to be front row as two high school groups outclassed four college groups at the LAAF competition.  Their passion for their music and their performance was electric – inspiring.

In DC, I was moved to tears when, in the wake of losing a young college a cappella singer, groups on campus rallied around his friends and fellow singers to show support.  And to see his a cappella group push through and love on each other in such a trying time…

CUA Take Note A Cappella after their Shamrockapella Show

CUA Take Note A Cappella after their Shamrockapella Show

And in Boston, seeing videos of how proudly the citizens sang the national anthem at the hockey game – and then again on the streets after the second bomber had been captured…

If there’s one thing that’s obviously true, it’s that Music breaks through all barriers, has no obstructions, and has a way of speaking and articulating something when simple words fail us.  But not only that – music has a way of bringing us all together.  At Catholic University, fellow singers came together during tragedy.  In Boston, singers and non-singers alike raised their voices in triumph – together as one family.

And that’s why The A Cappella Embassy is here.  I love music.  I love singing.  I love my a cappella group and all other groups.  I love this community, and I’m committed to helping it grow and thrive.

Over the coming months, The A Cappella Embassy will be making some changes in order to better serve the community.  This idea of mine – the Embassy – has been great and I’ve received a ton of positive feedback about what we’re doing here, not only from groups in the area, but from others around the country who want what we have!  I want to continue to serve the community in the same way, but must focus on specific areas of service in order to reach our constituents more directly and grow our organization in a more manageable way.

As you’ve most likely seen, we recently said goodbye to our DC College Diplomat, Andrew Adams.  Andrew did some amazing work for us, and I believe he and the other Diplomats in The Embassy have been a key ingredient to the success of The Embassy.  This also means that we’re now looking for a new Diplomat to take over, as well as Diplomats to fill other positions in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Next week, The Embassy will be officially introducing our CASA Ambassador for Virginia.  I’m really excited to have someone who is excited about a cappella music and the Virginia area.  Within the next six months, I plan on helping to plant a team of Diplomats in Virginia as well as beginning talks to expand in to Maryland.  I know there are a lot of passionate people out there and I look forward to bringing some of you on board.

This is a very exciting time for a cappella music – From NBC’s The SingOff coming back, to a new show being produced by the American Idol producers, to the ICCA’s being written up on NPR’s website.  There is a lot of movement in the a cappella world and I want The Embassy to be right smack in the middle of it all!  Keep the music alive!

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