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For those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Andrew or working with him while he was with The A Cappella Embassy, I can say from experience that you missed out!  Andrew has an infectious love for all things a cappella and a passion for the people he serves.  We at The A Cappella Embassy have been honored to work beside him and are proud to be sending him off to bigger and better things.  Thank you, Andrew, for your hard work and dedication, good luck at Disney, and know that you’ll always have a home here with The A Cappella Embassy!  ~Jeeves

This has been quite the semester – between looking for jobs, singing with two groups, and still keeping up with 17 credit hours of classwork and an internship, it was truly a challenge to balance everything.  That being said, I haven’t been able to attend a lot of events around the area that many of the collegiate groups have put on, which really sucks, and I apologize for that.  I missed both the Chimes’ Cherry Tree Massacre (on two separate days, no less) and the ICCA quarterfinals because I was sick the entire month of February and didn’t think that sitting in a crowded auditorium was a good idea.  So, those of whom my absence meant you didn’t catch what I had, you’re welcome. 😛

In all seriousness, though, I have really enjoyed getting to know all of the people that I have met here in the DC Collegiate a cappella community, which is why that it is hard for me to say that, at the end of the semester, I will be stepping down as DC College Diplomat at The A Cappella Embassy.  I have accepted an opportunity to be part of the Disney College Program, and will be moving to Orlando in August. I will still be a quick e-mail away if you have any questions leading into next year, as will Jeeves and the rest of the A Cappella Embassy staff – we won’t leave you on your own.  We promise!

I just want to use this final post to thank a few people and groups that have made my a cappella experience the best I could have ever imagined it.  First, thank you Jeeves and the Embassy staff for allowing me to be the college diplomat over this last year.  To be able to talk about and share what I love with all of you has been such an amazing experience, and I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without the creation of the Embassy.  You are all amazing and have such a love for a cappella – something that I am definitely going to miss in the months ahead.

Thank you to Kim Clark, Avi Ornovitz, and the members of Keyvibe for having me a part of the group throughout this past year.  Even though it’s only been a year, we have accomplished a lot – a music video, iTunes single, and singing at SingStrong, just to name a few accomplishments!  More importantly, you are all incredible singers and wonderful people, and it has been a thrill to sing with you throughout this year.  I can’t wait to see what you will all do next in the months ahead.

And finally, the biggest shoutout and thank you goes to my college group, the Troubs at GW.  I have said before, and I will say it again, thank you for being my family away from home for the last four years – I am going to miss you all terribly in Florida, but you better believe that I will be back for end of the semester concerts in the years to come.  To the seniors that are graduating with me next month, all I have to say is that the dynasty lives on (y’all know what I’m talking about!)

I want to sign off with one final tip: getting all the notes right and staying in tempo are obviously important for any group.  But, how you present yourselves on stage and how you ACT on stage is just as important.  I am a visual person, so seeing and watching a performance is just as important as listening for me, and I know that group that might not hit every single note, but has a ton of energy (interacting with each other on stage, has choreography, uses props while singing) stands out to me more than a group that is musically perfect and has no emotion.  So, challenge yourself over the next year to find ways to provide that “energy” in your performances.  I’m not saying that you have to do choreo (although, if your goal is to compete, then I would highly recommend it), but figure out what songs you can groove to and dance on stage and what songs you can be more “choir-like” and stand still on stage.  Maybe even come up with a little structured dance that the group does during the chorus or something.  Just something that gives the audience another dimension as to who you are as a group.

I hope that all of you finish out the rest of your semesters strong. To those that are returning to school next year, keep doing what you do and I wish you and your group the best of luck.  For those that are graduating, good luck in whatever you are doing post-grad, but don’t forget that there are hundreds upon hundreds of post collegiate a cappella groups out there that are looking for singers like you, so keep an eye out for auditions wherever you are going.  And, as always, keep the music alive!


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