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The Transcripts – January 29, 2013

Yes… that is a picture of Socks the Cat.  Wanna make something of it?

Hey there, Embassy Fans!  This is Jeeves in Washington, DC.  This week, I had the distinct pleasure of heading up to my alma mater, UMBC, to hang out with the Cleftomaniacs as they prepare for the ICCA Quarterfinals at Johns Hopkins University in just a few weeks.  After a intense coaching session with them, I was pleased that they agreed to recording the opening message for this episode!  Thanks to the Cleftos for having me and for opening this briefing with one of the songs they are prepping for the competition – “Lightning” by The Wanted.

One of my goals for the content on this site is to have a lot less of me and a lot more of you!  That’s why I’d like to invite you to send in videos (or links to videos) of your group performing.  I would love to continue to feature groups in the Embassy Briefing as much as possible, and especially love the idea of having groups open the episodes for me!  If you’re interested, drop me a line at

As I mention, I’ll be in LA this weekend attending LAAF, the awesome a cappella festival on the Left-Coast.  I’ll be posting stuff to our Facebook and Twitter, and *trying* to post something to the website as well (a blog or vlog) in between the 4 hours of sleep that I’ll be getting each night!  So before sure to follow us there, check out all the awesomeness below, and let us know what you think!  Peace!

UPDATE!: So apparently both Afro Blue and Euphonism received two nominations for the Wammies this year.  As I mentioned in the video, normally there is an “A Cappella Recording” category.  However, the two DC based a cappella groups did get nominated for Best Choral Recording.  So congratulations to those two groups for their TWO nominations, and good luck!

Los Angeles A Cappella Festival
You’re jealous that I’m going, I know.  But keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook feeds for reports on the craziness.  Also, keep an eye on the #LAAF2013 hashtag for everyone that will be Twitterfying at the event.

If you’re bummed about not coming to LAAF, it’s okay.  April will bring about a new opportunity for you to get in on the fun.  BOSS is a great festival, and only a hop, skip, and a jump from the DC area.  Tickets are still available – and yes, I’ve got mine!

Even though I didn’t mention it, I just want to keep it on your radar!

ICCA (Varsity Vocals)
Going to be an awesome show (no matter which one you go to).  But make sure to check out the South Region Quarterfinals at Johns Hopkins University.

Alexandria Harmonizers “Now That’s Entertainment!” Competition –
Check out what our own, Brian Brandler, is finding out about this competition that will dish out $2000 to the winning group!  As we find out more information about this, we will be sure to let you know!

Wammies Nominees
Sadly, you can’t vote unless you’re a WAMA member, but this is the list at least!  Good luck to those groups that were nominated!

Mouth Off Returns
No information as of yet on their website, but their Facebook page definitely has announced that they are returning.  Yay!

Petra Haden’s New Album
The album is definitely worth taking a look – an all-female solo album of movie themes!

RARB Picks of 2012

Peter Hollens “A Boy and A Girl” by Eric Whitacre
Peter, if you’re reading this, thanks so much for sharing this.  I love this piece, and completely agree with your sentiments at the end of the video – it’s incredibly moving and I think the phrasing that you choose in the recording really accentuates those feelings!

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