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The Transcripts – January 22, 2013

Hey there, Embassy Fans!  This is Jeeves in Washington, DC.  I’m trying out a new type of Embassy Briefing and I hope you guys will enjoy it!  Our own, Brian Brandler, took our original Embassy Briefing and ran with it – posting once or twice a week on our Facebook page and Twitter (which you should go to and like/follow) about upcoming events on the Embassy Calendar.  A lot of people have loved this (as have I!) and we will certainly continue to do this.

But in an attempt to attack one of my New Years Resolutions head-on, I’ve decided to do an “Embassy Briefing Vlog” on top of the Facebook/Twitter posts.  The briefings will be slightly different in content.  They will both highlight events on the Embassy calendar, but on top of that, the vlog will introduce a little news, some youtube videos, cool websites, and other things we think you might be interested in checking out!  I hope you’ll find informative and at least a little entertaining (I mean… at the very least, you’ll get a good laugh out of me!).

Anyway, I’m going to try to do these about once a week (“try” being the operative word).  It might end up being something like bi-weekly (being, every two weeks) or something whilst I finish graduate school.  So make sure to check out all the awesomeness below and let us know what you think!  Peace!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the lovely Loyola Belles who will be competing in the ICCAs this weekend!  They are one of the only groups from the area that will *not* be at Johns Hopkins – they will be heading down to University of Florida on January 26th.  So good luck to them!  Do us proud!

London A Capella Festival
Los Angeles A Cappella Festival

Tickets are still on sale for BOSS.  It’s going to be a great time with Postyr Project and Five O’Clock Shadow performing – not to mention the Live CARA’s!  Oh… and I’ll be there, so that’s pretty cool too.

SingStrong is going to have some great performances.  The shows are split up in to three (four if you count the AcaIdol competition on Friday).  If you plan on going to all three shows, you might as well get the All Access pass – it’s expensive, but it’s the same amount as buying tickets for all the individual shows.

ICCA (Varsity Vocals)
Going to be an awesome show (no matter which one you go to).  But make sure to check out the South Region Quarterfinals at Johns Hopkins University.

Alexandria Harmonizers

CLUSTER “Barbie Girl” Video

PTX “Thrift Shop” Video

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