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A Cappella Embassy Calendar Officially Online

Hey there Embassy Fans!

So what do you think is the most asked question I get from day-to-day in my a cappella travels? Well, it’s probably “Jeeves, is it hard being so awesome all the time?” I promise you, it’s exhausting… but the second most asked question is “Jeeves, when is the next super awesome, totally rad a cappella show coming up?” And yes… people say “rad” (it’s coming back!).

I try very hard to be a walking database of information for the MD/DC/VA a cappella scene – group names, contacts, events, all stored up in this noggin. But what happens on those rare occasions that I don’t know what’s going on? How will the people know about all the cool a cappella events in the area – Auditions, Album Release parties, Competitions, Shows, A Cappella Happy Hours?

To solve this dilemma, I give to you The A Cappella Embassy Calendar! (plays fanfare)

On the “Events” page above, you’ll find a Public Google calendar where the Embassy will be posting all a cappella related events in the area. I’m hoping that this will be an important tool to help the a cappella community grow closer as well as in size. The Embassy wants to help promote all local a cappella events, whether they are shows, auditions, or parties. We’d also like this to be a tool for groups outside of the area that may be looking to tour through MD/DC/VA. They can look at this calendar and find possible shows that they could attend or even perform in.

It is so important for the a cappella groups in our area to support one another – to show why our community of singers is the best anywhere. We’re not just great singers, but a close family as well! But it’s also important to showcase our craft to new fans! The more people we can perform for, the better the opportunities that will come in the future!

I hope you all are as excited as I am about this. I know it’s a small addition to the site, but I think will make a huge difference in our community. If you know of an event that is coming up that is not on the calendar, send an email using the contact form above. And if you see an event that I have inaccurate information for, let me know and we’ll work to correct it.

Thanks so much everyone! Hope to see you at a few shows! And as always, Keep the music alive!

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