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AcaEmbassy Updates (and yes… The Sing-Off too)

Hello Embassy Fans,

The A Cappella Embassy has been busy in the planning stages of some cool changes to the organization. We have added some new Diplomats, including Brian Brandler who is kicking ass and taking names in the DC arena as we speak. Brian is helping out the Embassy by coordinating with and serving the post-collegiate a cappella scene in DC. He has already been at work contacting groups around the area in hopes of creating a better acammunity (see what I did there?) through the Embassy. If you are a semi-pro or professional post-collegiate group, or are starting a post-collegiate group in the DC area, Brian is your man with the plan! Send him an email at

As the college year begins, groups all over the MD/DC/VA area are getting back in to the swing of things – auditioning new singers, singing new songs, and rocking some phat new beats. The A Cappella Embassy is going to begin contacting collegiate groups around the area so that we can 1) increase the acammunity within the collegiate realm, 2) connect collegiate groups with post-college groups around the area, and 3) help promote collegiate a cappella to people outside of the normal scope – to people not “in-the-know” about a cappella.

To do this, the Embassy will begin its search to recruit volunteers as Campus Liaisons. Some college campuses have upwards of 10-15 a cappella groups – this makes keeping track of every group very difficult for one person. The Campus Liaison’s job would be to act as an intermediary between the Embassy and the groups on their local campus. This enthusiastic human being could be a student, alumnus, or fan and would work closely with the groups on the campus to help inform the Embassy about cool events, new recordings, and any other sweet a cappella stuff going on at their respective campus. As we communicate with college groups, we will be diligently seeking Campus Liaisons, but if you know you are interested, or would like more information about this, please contact me at

Lastly be not least, there was apparently some show on NBC last night… “So You Think You Can A Cappella”, or “American Idol – A Cappella Edition”, or something. The Embassy realizes that pretty much everyone in the acammunity was watching last night as Season 3 of The Sing-Off began (unless you’re me and had rehearsal last night – don’t worry, I DVR’d the show). For the past two seasons, the Embassy wrote reviews and spouted theories about the show and enjoyed every minute of it. This season, however, everybody and their mom is writing blogs about the Sing-Off – which is awesome, and really shows how passionate our community is and how big the show is getting. However, instead of becoming just another voice among the Sing-Off Chorus, the Embassy decided to help promote some other blogs that are keeping up with the show. So if you are interested, please check out some of the links below!

A Cappella Blog:

Vocal Blog:

I’m sure there are plenty of other blogs out there. If you know of some particularly good articles or writers, please let us know by commenting below! Keep the music alive!

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