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A Call for Ambassadors

250 miles. That’s how far it is from the top of Maryland to the bottom of Virginia. It’s about a 5 or 6 hour drive (depending on traffic), and it would eat up just about 3/4 of a tank of gas one way (at least in my sweet-ass 2010 Corolla – 34 mpg! what what?!). Now if I wanted to, say, check out my friends in Squawkapella at Salisbury and then catch up with my boys in Juxtaposition at Virginia Tech, I’m looking at a good 400 miles of driving – about 7 hours and a tank-and-a-quarter of gas one way. Can anyone say “ROAD TRIP!!” (if you can’t, I have some speech pathology friends I could hook you up with).

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to complain here – I’ve made that trip before and it was EPIC!! Squawkapella are some of the coolest people I know, and Juxta is pretty much the reason I started a cappella groups when I went to college. But the fact is that there are tons of other groups in the area that I feel like I’m neglecting.

Last night, I drove in to Alexandria, VA for a meeting with Euphonism and a concert by Vox Pop. It was a brilliantly a cappella filled evening! I absolutely love spending time with my acafamily in DC. But when the night ended (as nights always do) I was left with a long drive home through the beautiful city of DC. I wouldn’t have traded the time last night for anything, but I will trade my car for a one-way teleportation belt (patent pending).

So here is my thought: CASA and the A Cappella Embassy are in need of some passionate people around the MD/DC/VA area. Because of things like “real life” and “jobs” and “families,” it’s difficult for one person to field this entire region. We need some assistance – I need some help. Well, at least mentally, that’s for sure. We all know I’m nuts about this a cappella stuff – I attach myself to the genre like an a cappella vampire and drain it dry for my own selfish pleasure. And let’s be honest with ourselves – once we do have a VA and DC Ambassador and/or some other people to help us out, I’ll still be taking crazy-ridiculous road trips to see great shows! But if there were multiple shows in one night, we’d be able to split up, support both shows, and report back here about those gigs.

I’d love to get a couple of Ambassadors in here – passionate people in VA and DC that want to be a big part of the growing a cappella community in this area. Of course, the Embassy also just need people who love a cappella music and want to help keep the community informed! I’ve been talking with some passionate a cappella folks already and am very excited to be presenting some new content soon – once this site is updated to it’s new format. If you think you’re interested in being a part of this a cappella community, even in a small way, or if you know someone that might be interested, shoot me an email. Thanks guys! Much love!

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