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Hey guys,

So I’m not doing so well keeping up with these blog entries.  I’m hoping that once the school year picks up, I’ll be going out to see some more a cappella groups around the area, and I’ll be reporting back here to let you know what’s up with the Maryland scene.

I wanted to post about a couple of cool things coming up soon.  First off, I’m going back to hang with the Cleftos next Monday to help out again with their ICCA rehearsals.  I’m really excited because it’s coming down to the home stretch!  I can’t wait for the South Quarterfinals at JHU.  It’s going to be a great show.

Speaking of which, the South Quarterfinals #3 at JHU will be on February 19th at 8pm in side Shriver Hall.  Check out the Varsity Vocals website for more information and tickets!  Make sure, if you’re not around the Baltimore area, go out and see your local college groups at whichever ICCA show you can get to!

While I’m thinking of it – congrats to BYU’s Vocal Point and Utah’s Infrared for their performances at the Western Region Quarterfinals #1 – they’ll be going on to the Semi’s at SoCal in late March!

What else we got?  Oh yeah, I’m working on a couple musical things right now.  First off, still working on putting together an a cappella group out here in the Baltimore/Columbia area.  I’m also working on learning the guitar, so that’s fun.  But between all that, I’m working on three new arrangements.  The first is a great mashup I found on YouTube by a guy/group called Norweigan Recycling.  The song is called Miracles.  It’s a really sweet mashup and I think it could be really fun to sing a cappella, but it sure is a challenge to arrange.

So that one is a co-ed arrangment.  I’m working on an all-male arrangement of a song called “Angels and Heroes” by former/current/are-they-still-together Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell.  Once I’m done, I’m actually going to be looking to record it pretty quickly, because it’s a beautiful song and I <3 singing the lead on it.  So that should be fun.

And lastly, I’m stepping into my first all-female arrangement.  Should be interesting.  I’m looking at doing “Any Way You Want It” by Journey.  Let me first start by saying that this is my theme song!  Secondly, I believe I’ve heard it done once before, but I don’t know where.  I’ve always wanted to do an all-girls arrangement, so we’ll see how it turns out.

And that’s it for me guys.  If you have any comments or anything, feel free to check out the contact me section of the site, or find me on Twitter/Facebook.  Peace!

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